11 Ordinary People Who Made Awesome Youtube Videos Making Them Millionaires

People Who Made Awesome Youtube Videos Making Them Millionaires

Internet is an incredible place; it’s a perpetual source of both wisdom and entertainment. But then internet isn’t just limited to the seen stuff. Unlike the common notion that internet is only a time waste and is going to help in no manner, you could actually create wonders if you used the internet sensibly. You could use it to your benefits in such a way that you could actually make your living out of internet. I am not kidding! What if I told you that you could become a millionaire just by uploading videos on YouTube? You find it hard to believe? Well here is the list of eleven people who actually made it big through YouTube. Check out!

PS: A lot of struggle and determination goes into making a good video. So don’t bedelighted so soon, think of innovative ways through which you could make it work. Good luck!

Pewdiepie Felix Kjellberg – $12 million

Genre: Gaming

Net Worth: $12 Million

He is one of the most renown youtubers in the world. Presents funny walkthrough and reaction videos of himself playing different games. His channel has gotover 900 million views and also has more than 38 million subscribers. Besides he also supports various Indie games and charities.

Pewdiepie Felix Kjellberg

Funtoys Collector (formerly DisneyCollectorBR) – $8 million

Genre: Toy channel with anonymous anchor who opens and plays with a variety of toys

Net Worth: $8 Million

The owner of this channel is still unknown. All we know is that there is a woman who posts videos on unboxing and playing with an array of toys. This channel gets over 380 million views a month. It also boasts of over 5 million subscribers.

Funtoys Collector

Smosh duo – $6 million

Genre: web based comedy duo

Net Worth: $6 Million

The channel was started by Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, who upload comedy videos on different issues and topics and have made it big in the business. Their channel holds the record of being one of the most subscribed Youtube channels. They have over 20 Million Subscribers. They have Received over 4.5 billion views.

Smosh duo

JennaMarbles – $4.3 million

Genre: General Entertainment

Net Worth: $4.3 million

Her first upload ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking’ got over 6.3 million views in the first seven days. This is rated as the top channel operated by a woman. The channel has over 15 million+ subscribers. It also hold the record of being the 7th most subscribed channel on Youtube.


RayWilliamJohnson – $4 million

Genre: Video series called Equalthree in which he gives commentary on viral videos

Net Worth: $4 million

In his video series EqualThree, Johnson provides commentary on viral videos that make a lot of buzz in YouTube and also reviews them. He has received over 2 billion views till date. He also has over 12 million subscribers


UberHaxorNova – $3.5 million


Net Worth: $3.5 million

This  video channel was originally created by James Richard Wilson who is avideo game commentator butknown for his inappropriate videos. His channel has Over 2.8 Million subscribers. He has posted a huge number of videos that would approximate around 4600.


RealAnnoyingOrange – $3.4 million (2.7b views)

Genre: Comedy web series

Net Worth: $3.4 million

This channel is basically a comedy web series which has an anthropomorphic orange which irritates other fruits and vegetables. The channel has over 4 million subscribers. They have a video game, a TV series and a T shirt line based on the show.


CollegeHumor – $3.3 million

Genre: Comedy

Net worth: $3.3 million

The channel is uploaded with original comedy sketches and videos produced by the in-house editorial team. Also posts are user generated videos. The channel has over 9.5 million subscribers. It has received 3.5 billion+ views.


Epic Rap Battles – $2.4 million

Genre: Rap Battles between historical figures

Net Worth: $2.4 million

Videos have some of the famous historical personalities and pop culture icons personalities who are pitted against each other in a rap battle style.The channel obtained huge success and has over 1.7 billion views altogether. It also has 12 million subscribers. It is the 16th most subscribed channel on Youtube.

Epic Rap Battles

Nigahiga – $2.3 million

Genre: Comedy

Net Worth: $2.3 million

Created by Ryan Higa, a Japanese-American known for his comedy videos this channel has over 14 million subscribers. It is also said to have received over 2.5 Billion views.


TheFineBros – $2.2 million

Net Worth: $2.3 million

The channel is operated by Benny Fine and Rafi Fine, who are very famous for their react video series which has elder reacts and teen reacts I popular.