10 Ways Lives of Indians Change During The Elections

Ways Lives of Indians Change During The Elections

Now that the Indian general election 2014 is over, it is now time to ponder how the election has changed the life of the average Indians. The common Indians who participate in the elections as voters to decide the fate of the most famous and powerful people of the country had learned several new things from the latest elections.

1. Lesson For Wannabe Common Man Politicians – Be Prepared To Get A ‘sponsored Slap’ And Then Forgive The Person Who Slapped You.


2. Make Sure You Go For A Manicure Before Posting The Selfie Of Your Finger After Voting.


3. Every Indian Is A Psephologist.


4. A Serious Political Interview Can Turn Into A Comedy Show.


5. Bollywood Celebs Find A New Way Of Seizing The Attention. After All No One Is Interested In Them During Elections.


6. Even The Bitterest Foes Can Turn Into Best Friends And Vice Versa Any Time, After All It Is All About Coalition And Allegiance.


7. Even Bearded Men Wear Saris.


8. Display Your Brooms, Don’t Use Them.


9. Not Getting Enough Attention? Contest An Election.


10. For An Entire Month, You Lived On Politics And Even Ate Politics. Here Are Some Mouthwatering Election Inspired Sweets For You.