10 Treasurable Relationship Milestones

Treasurable Relationship Milestones

Relationships are varied, the ones we share with our partner, our parents, siblings and all that but here the focus is more on the partner relationships! One is used to celebrate the big milestones like the first kiss, the anniversary date, proposal day and such ones forgetting the small milestones that each one crosses without knowledge which in the process bring them a lot more close to each other!

Some Of The Little Relationship Milestones On Should Treasure Are Discussed As Follows:

Varied Commitment Woes!

This is a common happening with people in relationships when both of the individuals have a different party of attend or different meetings to attend to at the same evening, specifically at the weekends, and when something entertaining takes place one wishes the other partner were present too! The feeling of emptiness and staying apart kills!

Varied Commitment Woes

A Discreet Holiday!

At times a sudden change of plans and togetherness helps! These are the moments when both the partners take that impromptu decision to go in for a holiday without letting anyone know!! The feeling of togetherness is something greater at times for sure!

A Discreet Holiday

The Sense Of Compatibility Sets In!

After a bit of time, there comes a moment where even before the opposite partner completes a sentence the other finishes it in a jiffy!! That is actually what brings the relationship to a kind of milestone of sorts! A moment when another person understands one more than self!

The Sense Of Compatibility Sets In

The Fact Of Being Just “You” No Matter What!

No inhibitions whatsoever, when a couple can spend a cozy time together just after a hard core gym session in the same sweaty attire is what brings the best feeling! If none of the person care, that is what compatibility and love is all about! No feeling of irritation, but just a sense of togetherness in whatever both does! In sweaty clothes or in fresh ones, does not make any difference.

The Fact Of Being Just “You” No Matter What

The “No Boredom” Life!!

When a time comes where the couple can spend days and years together with just each other to look at, time just seems to fly by! No feelings of boredom but just fun and frolic all the way! That is another perfect example of a relationship milestone a couple should definitely celebrate and cherish in the long run!

The “No Boredom” Life

No Embarrassment Even During Sex!

This is indeed a bit controversial, but a part and parcel of a couple’s life! So, here we are taking of the moments when one of the partner does something embarrassing but somehow that level is achieved where none is actually embarrassed in the real term of the word, All is fine without even a single word spoken! That’s the beauty of a relationship that one needs to cherish for sure! Hard to find and difficult to maintain!

No Embarrassment Even During Sex

The “Sweet Lies” To Sneak In Some Alone Time

Well, all of the couples are pretty fond of their respective family and friends, yes, but what when after a stringent planning someone tries to come or a sudden invitation comes up when both the partners want some alone and romantic time? This immediately calls for “sweet lies” which are first pre planned and then executed, just to avoid that guest or invitation so that the evening date plans are not hampered!

The “Sweet Lies” To Sneak In Some Alone Time

The “Puchu” Pet Name Does Not Seem Weird Anymore!

When in love, people tend to have this strange behavior where he or she starts with changing the name of the partner and start to call the other one with a “lovey dobby” pet name instead! Initially the names given are just when both are together spending alone time, but after a matter of years it comes to the fore even when others like friends and family are present too! This sounds pretty weird but the matter of fact is that the couple does not really care anymore! They have already passed that stage and what matters is to stay together happily, whatever name may have been used in front of whomsoever! That’s a milestone indeed!

The “Puchu” Pet Name Does Not Seem Weird Anymore

When Taking “His Calls/ Her Calls” Become Normal

This pretty well happens when friends of the respective partners call up the other asking about their friend’s whereabouts when unable to talk to them! This is kind of extremely sweet when one of the partners answers on behalf of another saying that he or she will pass on the message! A strange happy feeling that, a feeling of being one maybe! Milestone again, is it not?

When Taking “His Calls, Her Calls” Become Normal

The Future Plans For Each Other!

At times, this also happens that while conversing one of the partners start talking about the future plans of the other, maybe even devising them fully, and it does not disturb or angry the other one! That’s an amazing relationship for sure!

The Future Plans For Each Other