10 Things You Can Say To Your Best Friend And They Wouldn’t Mind At All!

10 Things You Can Say To Your Best Friend

Best friends will be best friends. They are forever there at your side, through thick or thin, through bliss and chaos. You can be candid to them about everything, without them minding it.

1. [email protected]#$%^&*

You can abuse them all you want. Walk on them as if they were a door mat, knowing that they would do the same and both of you would not mind it at all.

Making Talking Fun

2. Crack Jokes

Since they have pledged their friendship to you, they will have to tolerate your PJs (once in a while).

Crack Jokes

3. Tell Me Your Secrets

There is no one you can feel safer trusting with your deep dark secrets than your BFF.

Tell Me Your Secrets

4. Speak Your Mind

You can safely be yourself, without living in the world of hypocrisy and democracy and speak your mind.

Speak Your Mind

5. Turn A Nag

As a friend, it is your duty and moral responsibility to make your best friend aware of their bad habits, like talking to someone else and ignoring you!

Turn A Nag

6. I hate Your gf/bf

Being your forever best friend, they can understand (or are expected to understand) when you crib about not getting enough time with your friend because of this new entry!

I hate Your gf bf

7. Same Choice

It is quite normal for two best friends to fall for the same man/woman since the two of you share many like interests. While you can confess this to your friend, it is important to maintain distance from the common interest.

Same Choice

8. What Dreams May Come

Your dreams, crazy though they may seem, can all be shared with your BFF who will be a good listener and guide.

What Dreams May Come

9. I Feel Alive

You can be frank about your feelings about anything to them, without any fear of reprisals.

I Feel Alive

10. My Friend Of Misery

One does not like to listen to someone pining in their sorrow. However, as your best friend they will be there to listen to it all and comfort you.

My Friend Of Misery