10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

When it comes to women, though they seem almost too good to be true, there are some common traits that men find unattractive. This is especially true for Indian men who have a stereotypical image of the women that they find difficult to reconcile with the modern-day women. Here are the top 10 things that men find turning off in a woman.

1. Nagging

One of the traits that most women seem to have in common is nagging. They feel that since the man has not responded the first 100 times he has been told something, maybe the 101st time will do the magic. So they nag, nag and nag!


2. Abusing

While there are very few Indian men who do not abuse, the same trait is not necessarily appreciated in their better half. Men want their women to be petite, feminine and delicate; and all these do not go well with abusing!


3. Smoking

Most Indian men find it repulsive to see women smoking, no matter how MCPish it may sound.


4. That Time Of The Month

Though usually mood swings and emotional outbursts are considered a part and parcel of “that time of the month”, women are naturally programmed to be sensitive and emotional ALL the time. If you are not a fan of waterworks, then this would really be unattractive.

That Time Of The Month

5. Loud Or Shrill Voice

Women tend to speak in a naturally high pitched tone as compared to men. But some women have extremely loud voice or speak in a too-shrill voice that can be very putting off.

Loud Or Shrill Voice

6. Depressing / Pessimistic

Women are supposed to be naturally optimistic, at least most of them are. So a woman who is not can be unattractive.


7. I-Told-You-So

Those four words that no man likes to hear, and if it is said by someone they are remotely interested in, then the interest definitely turns into dislike!


8. Drunken Fish

While the occasional drink is ok, a drunk woman is definitely not high on the list of attractiveness. The side effects of excessive drinking such as vomiting, slurred speech or incapability to handle oneself does not seem very attractive.

Drunken Fish

9. Bad Hair Day

It may sound like a very sexist to say so, but men all over the world like their women to look good. Alternatively, you can test your love because love makes one blind to all flaws!

Bad Hair Day

10. Very Hairy

Though Indian men are considered to be a very hairy species, they do not appreciate the same in their female counterparts.

Very Hairy