10 Reason For Loving The Month Of August!

Reason For Loving The Month Of August!

Every season has something different to offer. And some season are better than others. Below we give you 10 reasons for loving the month of august.

1. Friendship Day 

The month of august is liked by most of us only because it starts with friendship day. A day which is celebrated by a 10 year boy to 99 year old person. In the race to become the best month august has played it’s major card on the first day itself.

Friendship Day

2. Rakhsha Bandhan

A very amazing festival falls in august. Every year, girls anticipate for this day to come. Where they express the love for their brothers. And yeah the gifts they get in return which later are counted together with other siblings or friends. All this happens in the month of august.

Rakhsha Bandhan

3. Monsoon Breathing Its Last Breath!

This month does not experience much rains! But it also does not experience scorching heat. This reason makes the month of august most likable. We all love the weather during the month of august.

Monsoon Breathing Its Last Breath

4. Fashion 

This season initiates first falls in the stores.


5. Super Sales

Sales begin in the month of July but it only converts into super sales with the commencement of august. Another reason to rejoice in the month of august.



6. Colleges Open Their Gates 

Most of the colleges reopen in the month of august.  Chatting with friends, hanging out and doing exciting projects. All this makes the month of august all the more likable.

Colleges Open Their Gates

7. Road Trips

This month gives a heads up to best road trips ever. With such a lovely weather, who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip?

Road Trips

8. Independence Day

Another very significant day falls in the month of August. And that is why we are proud of the month of august.

Independence Day

9. International Fashion Weeks 

Hard core fashion followers eagerly wait for this month. This  month releases a series of international fashion weeks.

International Fashion Weeks

10. Best Season To Have Vacations

With a weather so lovely, month of august becomes the best season to have vacations.

Best Season To Have Vacations