10 Successful Indians Who Made A Positive Impact On Society

Successful Indians Who Made A Positive Impact On Society

Most of us are lucky enough to lead a life filled with necessities and comforts. We spend our hard earned money on buying expensive apparels, having sumptuous meals and holidaying to exotic locations. But what about those who do not have the privilege of even receiving the basic necessities of life. For such people, we should lend our helping hand by rewarding them with our part of wealth. Such philanthropist acts have been carried out by some well known Indians who donate their part of wealth to make an impact on the society.

Here I Present The Names Of Those Successful Indian Benefactors Who Have Contributed A Large Sum To The Underprivileged:

Azim Hashim Premji – Chairman, Wipro

The Czar of The Indian IT Industry, this businessman is the chairman of Wipro who has led his company to enter the list of the global leaders of the software industry. He became the first Indian to sign up for ‘The Giving Pledge’, a campaign led by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to lead wealthy people donate for philanthropic causes. In April 2013 he had given 25% of his wealth to charity and in July 2015 he added another 18% to his total contribution for helping the underprivileged. His non-profit organization works towards providing universal education for building an equitable human society.

Azim Hashim Premji

Anil Agarwal- Founder and Chairman, Vedanta Resources

Being appointed as the Entrepreneur Of The Year, 2008 by Ernst & Young, controls Vedanta Resources through Volcan payments and holds a 61.7% stake in the business. He has contributed US$49.0 towards the setup of schools, hospitals and other infrastructures to improve living conditions of needy children and women. He has pledged to donate 75% of his personal wealth to the underprivileged section of the society.

Anil Agarwal

Shiv Nadar – Founder & Chairman, HCL

An Indian industrialist and philanthropist, Nadar was awarded the Padma Bhushan for his efforts in the IT industry. He contributes 1 million HCL shares towards the activities of his college named SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. He has set up two Vidyagyan schools in UP for the rural students where free scholarship is provided to the needy students of atleast 50 districts of UP. Through his Shiv Nadar Foundation, he has made an effort to develop the educational system of India with a strong foundation.

Shiv Nadar

Ratan Naval Tata – Tata Group

This business tycoon has retired from the corporate sphere but is still the chairman of the Tata Trusts, a group of some of the country’s oldest non profitable organizations. The proportion of profits from the Tata trusts has been used to improve the living conditions of the impoverished people of the society. It spends nearly 4% of its net profit in corporate social responsibility. Today, treating the invisible epidemic of India is the main concern of Ratan Tata and his team of associates.

Ratan Naval Tata

Mukesh Ambani- Chairman RIL

This Indian business magnate is the Chairman of RIL, a Fortune Global 500 company. The Reliance Foundation built in 2010 is his philanthropic foundation which helps to promote sustainable growth in India. The foundation works in spheres like rural transformation by giving technical expertise to farmers, universal education, having the largest cornea transplant programme, urban renewal and preserving the art and cultural heritage of India.

Mukesh Ambani

Nandan Nilekani – Co Founder of Infosys

The Indian businessman and author of ‘Imagining India’, this former chairman of UIDAI has given away a part of his wealth to various causes like education and healthcare. Over the years he has funded in areas like water infrastructure, micro credit and social research. He and his wife have given away nearly Rs. 350 crore to ideas which CSR does not fund.

Nandan Nilekani

Kavitark Ram Shriram – Former Board Member of Google

Being involved in a number of Silicon Valley success stories, this philanthropist has his attention focused on providing education to the marginalized youths of our country. He devotes 20 % of his wealth to ventures like Magic Bus and Roshni that work with children of the backward society. His main aim is to provide education to all and bring a new future to those children, their families and future generation too.

Kavitark Ram Shriram

Ronnie Screwvala – Founder of UTV Group

This businessman owns e-commerce ventures like zivame.com and lenskart.com. In order to bring rural development in Maharashtra, he laid the foundation of Society To Heal Aid Restore Educate. Through his programme ‘Swades’, he has provided drinking water to 139 villages in Maharashtra. He is also on the lookout for empowering every needy family with choices for them by transforming their life to that of a better one.

Ronnie Screwvala

S.Gopalakrishnan – Former Co-Chairman Of Infosys

This business tycoon is no stranger to acts of philanthropy. He along with his wife started the ‘Pratiksha Trust’ which funds projects in spheres of education, healthcare research and entrepreneurship. This trust was successful in raising the SSLC pass percentage of the worst performing corporation high schools by providing after school tutorial programmes. The Trust also provides scholarships to underprivileged students and pensions for the senior citizens of Kerala. He also has partly funded the Startup Village programme of Kochi which aims to build 1000 software product companies in 10 years.


B. Ravi Pillai – RP Group of Companies

A recipient of Padma Shri, this business tycoon has provided jobs to many Indians in the Gulf region .He has also setup the Upasana Hospital & Research Centre in Kerela which provides free treatment to the poor.

B. Ravi Pillai

These successful business tycoons have made an impact on the society so great that their efforts have changed the lives and empowered the needy people of the society. These people through their charity spread the message of improving our sense of well being which can strengthen our spiritual life and gradually dissolve social disparities.