10 Habits We Need All Our Life

10 Habits We Need All Our Life

Habits are the continuous behavior that happens usually unconsciously. Habits are sometimes compulsory and every human being needs to develop good habits from childhood that should be carried forward even at the dawn of age. Good habits formed from start reflect our personality as we grow up and help us to be a person of etiquettes and elegance.

The Following Are The Habits That Every Individual Must Have From Start :

Spiritual Minded

From childhood we should read spiritual texts and practice meditation atleast for 15 minutes everyday. An act of kindness should be shown to strangers and we should not be obsessed with material pleasures. We should mingle with likeminded people to know and learn about their experiences of life.


Make Friends

Every individual should learn to make an effort to smile and make new friends. Children should be taught to mingle with many but make only a few friends. This way every individual will learn to distinguish between what should or should not be done. So from childhood itself an individual develops good judgmental power.

make freinds

Showing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a habit that should be developed when small. Showing one’s gratefulness to the person who helped us makes others happy. A regular habit of writing thank you notes helps in modeling the habit of showing gratitude in all.

Showing Gratitude

Spread A Smile

Our parents encourage us to smile and be happy always. This is another habit that should be carried even in our later part of life. When we smile, we remind the world about the goodness that exists here. A smile given to others can make their day a bright one. So the habit of smiling and spreading one should be developed and carried forward throughout our life.

spread smile

Developing Patience

It is tough to develop patience in a child but once developed it should stay with the individual throughout his life. Such a value teaches a person to stay cool even at the hardest times and provides strength to face the toughest situations of life. People who show great patience can surely shun away anger and harshness from their character. Patience is not the ability to wait but shows how a person acts to show his waiting.

Developing Patience


As kids, we have all learnt that cleanliness is next to godliness. As children, we should learn to clean up messy things and let this habit accompany us throughout our life. This habit helps us to take care of our belongings and maintain a clean place even for others. Doing little house chore from childhood develops this habit very well in us.



As children, we are very possessive about our toys and other belongings. But the act of sharing should be instilled in every individual and such a value should stay with us forever. Knowing to share as a kid helps us to grow as generous and thoughtful and a person who is always aware of others.


Exercise Regularly

The habit of exercising since childhood helps us to grow as confident people. It helps us to feel better and makes us more successful in life. The habit of positive thinking gets reinforced and we learn to lead a stress free life as we grow up.

Exercise Regularly

Daily Routine

Developing the habit of having a daily routine can make a big difference in our life as we frow up. This helps to get a great start of our day. It helps us to firmly finish up all the set aims on the routine and prepare us for the next day. It helps us to grow as focused people and get all the things done with great determination.

daily routine

Healthy Eating Habits

As children, we mostly crave for eating junk food and parents arev not always successful in keeping us away from these refreshments. Inspite of all these, a child should be taught to eat healthy so that he maintains a healthy lifestyle even as adults.

healthy eating habits

Habits define our life- how happy we are or how successful we are- these things reflect the habits we practice since childhood. So we need to carry forward all the values that we learn as children to be rewarded from life in a positive way.